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Welcome to Taranaki 1957-1981

New Plymouth photo news is being rebuilt. The new site is under construction and can be viewed for a short time before it is moved to here. It has ben 5 years since I update files and site so you will notice a difference.

Name/TitleNew Plymouth Photo News / Taranaki Photo News
Primary Prod Date1957-1981
Brief DescriptionA monthly magazine, the New Plymouth Photo News began with edition no. 1 (February 1957) and ceased with no. 126 (1 October 1966). The name was changed to Taranaki Photo News at edition no. 127 (29 October 1966), and the numbering changed in 1973.
The search part of the site is for everything except the pdf files ,the pdf files are searchable by going to google and typing in to the search bar "site:new-plymouth.com" and the name you are researching so the search might look like this eg: "site:new-plymouth.com bob smith " hope that is clear and just to thrill you there are pdf files on new-plymouth.org so after you have searched new-Plymouth.com then search new-plymouth.org .Regards Pete
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Name/TitleTaranaki Spotlight
Primary Prod Date1959-1961
Brief DescriptionA monthly magazine, the Taranaki Spotlight began with edition no. 1 (February 1959) and ceased with no. 24 (September1961). .
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Name/TitleNorth Taranaki Foto News
Primary Prod Date1956 Aug-Sep
Brief DescriptionTwo editions (No.1 and No.2) of the North Taranaki Foto News, a monthly magazine featuring the social and sporting life of New Plymouth and district. Predates the New Plymouth Photo News..
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Add your own stories I invite you to submit your feed back and stories on facebook This site allows you to share stories of life in Taranaki, add your descriptive information and personal narratives to these pages and experience how familiar environments have changed over time in front of you.
You are also encouraged to share your own memories and stories related to the official records with anecdotes and personal memorabilia as well. The research and digitisation is ongoing and has taken over 25 months. The website was launched in June 2015. The team hopes that more memories, stories and photographs will be contributed by anyone who has a connection to Taranaki, whether it be past or present resident or visitor.

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